Daily Exercise Workout, How to Maximize It



Daily instead of 3-4 or 4-5 times per week? Lyonslaw

 Note: We shall refer the 3-4 or 4-5 times per week of exercise routine as the regular routine

“What? The regular routine is already a “tall” order for me to get by….The daily routine? Forget it!” You wail.

By the way, you aren’t alone in this. There are lots of them like you who find it hard to exercise regularly.

Well, what I’m suggesting here is that if you can’t seem to stay put in your current workouts with the regular routine either because you don’t see results; push yourself too hard; get complacent after you’ve achieved your goals or you’re simply impatient, then hitting it daily might solve your woes. Lyonslaw

It actually boils down to the fact that this habit of a regular routine you try to install is not conditioned deep enough to cause you to switch your behavior to be on “autopilot” mood. You need stronger reinforcement.

What if you exercise daily? Well, your mind would have patterned this behavior and because you do it everyday, you repeatedly condition this pattern until you become fully automatic. In this way, you find it easier to stick to the exercise habit.

So, if you find it tough to form the habit of doing regular exercise, why not try exercising daily instead? It could work for you – you could actually stick to this daily exercise habit.

One thing is that if you opt for daily workout routine, you only need to do a 30-minute session of exercise (instead of the 60-minute session if you were to workout regularly per week), to meet the exercise threshold of say 3 – 3.5 hours per week.

I want to say that if you seldom exercise or haven’t been exercising at all, switching to a daily routine could be tough for you in the beginning.

The best way is don’t try to do everything at once and to switch over to it gradually.


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